Head Coach: Margaret Swanson

Margaret Swanson is a USA Swimming certified coach and an avid swimmer. In addition to coaching other sports from the elementary to the collegiate level, she has six years of swim coach experience including youth recreational, high school, and masters. Margaret sees the value of swimming as a lifelong pursuit. She wants all swimmers to have fun while growing as competitive swimmers.

Coach: Emily Patselas

My name is Emmie and I am from Richmond Hill, Georgia where I swam competitively for 13 years! My favorite event to swim was distance freestyle, especially open water meets! I now attend Georgia Southern and I am majoring in chemistry! I am so excited to be back in the swim environment and get so much joy from coaching and watching everyone compete!

Assistant Swim Coach: Abby Schoppa

Abby Schoppa currently coaches the younger Gold group at SEGA. She has been swimming since she was six years old and is now a D1 swimmer at Georgia Southern University. She began coaching for her summer league team in her home town two years ago as their head coach. Working with the younger group gives her the opportunity to help lay the foundation of skills needed to excel in the sport and help foster a love for swimming that will last a lifetime!