Masters/Tri/Fitness Fee Schedule

Fixed Costs

  • USMS Registration – paid annually, handled through USMS
  • SEGA Registration – $35 – good through July 2023
  • Swim Unlimited – $105/month or $399 billed tri-annually
  • Swim 6x/month – $75/month or $299 billed tri-annually

Important Notes

  1. Monthly dues cover lane rental for practice, professional coaching, and team communication.
  2. Team registration covers t-shirt, swim cap, and offsets club administrative costs. USMS and SEGA registration fees are not refundable or transferable for any reason.
  3. Tri-annual billing will save 5% per month. $299 & $214 will be due for May-July accordingly. Quarterly billing on the 6x/month plan is only applicable to 2nd family members as outlined in point 4.
  4. 2nd family member may pay the 6x/month rate and swim unlimited if the 1st family member is paying the unlimited rate.
  5. SEGA does not prorate monthly dues for any reason, including, but not limited to: vacations, illnesses, injuries, or other extracurricular commitments. If a swimmer has or intends to swim part of any calendar month period, dues must be paid in-full. Athletes may change commitment level on a monthly basis, and must communicate intentions in writing to the head coach.
  6. A surcharge may be applied to monthly fees in the event SEGA must use alternative pools for practice besides Splash in the Boro for a considerable amount of time.

Additional Costs

  • Meet Entry Fees – Variable by meet with respect to event cost and number of events in which the athlete is entered. Typically $15-25/day of competition
  • Meet Coaching Fees- $15/day of competition; $10/day for additional family in the same meet
  • Extra Swim Caps – $5/latex cap’ $12/silicone cap
  • Extra T-shirts – Variable, dependent on cost and quantity
  • Private lessons/coaching – please inquire directly