General practice guidelines (Updated Mar 3, 2019) :

  • Arrive 5-10 min before practice begins.
  • Come prepared with suit, goggles, training equipment, dryland clothes, and water bottle.
  • Communicate any logistical challenges with your coach before practice begins, or after practice ends.
  • Practices are designed to be open and transparent – Parents are welcome to view at their leisure. Parents should refrain from coach/athlete communication during practice time; before or after practice is OK. In-water sessions are designed for athletes and coaches to conduct teaching and learning.
  • Transportation/Pick-up should be arranged no later than 15 minutes after practice ends.

Practice priorities (Updated Mar 3, 2019):

  1. Safety! Providing a safe and welcoming environment amongst athletes; abiding by safety standards set forth by the facility; safety within each physical activity to prevent injury.
  2. Teaching and learning – Learn how to swim faster and more efficiently in a constructive environment.
  3. Building and growing skill sets – What to do and when to do it; how to use ones head, limbs, and energy advantageously.
  4. Developing aerobic base – Swimming longer durations at more challenging paces; essential for continuous growth over time.
  5. Setting practice goals and paces to achieve competition goals.