SEGA offers year-round training for adults interested in Masters, Triathlon, and swimming for fitness training. This group is open to adults 19 and over who are interested in a traditional swimming workout, with balanced focus on aerobic conditioning, speed, and technique instruction.


Held at Splash in the Boro. As interest for this group grows, we will add additional practice options.

  • Mon/Wed/Fri – 6:00-7:00am


Meets are not required for Masters/Tri/Fitness athletes, but meet fees will apply, if applicable.


SEGA Masters/Tri/Fitness Registration

Please email the Head Coach before registering

USMS Registration

  • Separate from SEGA, fee payable directly to USMS. Please complete after communication with Head Coach.


  • LMSC is Georgia
  • Club is Southern Eagle Aquatics
  • Workout group N/A


  • Kickboard and pull buoy – Provided by Splash in the Boro
  • Fins, paddles, snorkel, nose clip(s) – optional but recommended
  • Swim cap, swim suit(s), mesh bag